Throughout 2014 we have helped young people to achieve their potential, provided life changing volunteering opportunities and run outstanding projects with phenomenal staff.

Young People

Future Foundations 5 guiding principles connects all these groups and programmes together


We asked these 5 questions across all of our programmes and here are the results:


Please rate your overall experience of the programme

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Please let us know a little about your future plans

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Do you feel you will commit to the Future Foundations principles?

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Please tell us how you feel about the following statements:

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It was a great experience, I feel my confidence has grown and it has been great to meet new people and try new things.

NCS Participant

I'll sum up my experience with FF in one word:- "Legendary".

LCP Participant

It has inspired me and encouraged me to take risks in my life and to get excited about what the future holds for me, at a time where it is easy to be stressed about what comes next.

McKinsey Leadership Academy Participant